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German Sports Watch : Nomos Ahoi, Add crown guards and sealed the Case for Better Water Resistance

Let’s get to know the Nomos Ahoi watch.

“Ahoi there, matey!” I couldn’t resist using my pirate voice when the Nomos Ahoi arrived in the mail from its home in Glashütte. After all, my goofy enthusiasm was probably merited since the upstart German brand Nomos has traditionally made dress watches. This sports/dive watch is a first for the brand. Truth be told, I’ve parted with most of the dive watches in my collection because I just didn’t find them dressy enough. So when looking through Nomos’ collection, I couldn’t resist wanting to get my hands on the Ahoi. read more

Let’s Celebrate Mother’s Day

Don’t worry if you’ve not yet bought your mom, wife or other significant woman in your life a gift. But DO worry if you haven’t considered a good watch as a perfect token of love.As we celebrate Mother’s Day, remember what my own mother always used to say: “Every day is mother’s day.”

So where to begin when trying to choose from among the plethora of ladies—and unisex—watches available? I think it’s best to consider the three Bs: behavior, budget and boldness. Behavior refers to whether or not the “giftee” is the sporty type or more formal. This would determine whether a sport watch, a dressier watch or a transitional piece would work best. Is she trendy or classic? Reserved or boisterous? “Behavior” also influences whether or not a mechanical watch or a quartz piece would be in order. Is Mom intrigued by the inner workings of a watch, or is she the grab-and-go type who cares little about what goes on inside? read more

Ball Engineer II PowerLIGHT 72 Watch

Review Ball Engineer II PowerLIGHT 72 Watch

Apart from a new in-house movement launched in 2016, Swiss Ball watches is also getting more serious about adding their own components and tweaks to the base movements they work with. Back in 2013 Ball announced a novel shock protection system for the balance wheel called SpringLOCK. SpringLOCK was never actually deployed in a serious way thanks to it simply cost too much to manufacture – and Ball didn’t want to charge too much of a premium for SpingLOCK-equipped watches. So for 2016, Ball introduces the second generation of SpringLOCK which is currently a system that can be industrialized properly and, based on Ball, continues the mission of preventing vibrations from dramatically affecting the accuracy of mechanical watches. This new SpringLOCK system, along with other cool features is found in the new reference NM2126C-SCJ-BK Ball Engineer II PowerLIGHT 72 watch. read more

The Special Parmigiani PF Bugatti 390 Concept Watch

The Special Parmigiani PF Bugatti 390 Concept Watch

Date back to 2004, Parmigiani secured a partnership with one of the world’s absolute best and most coveted car manufacturers, Bugatti. In the course of these last 12 years, they have worked together on releasing lots of limited edition timepieces, from ones linked to the original Type 370 watch, all the way to the stunning Bugatti Super Sport watch that I went hands-on. read more