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Enjoy The Water-Friendly Watches

If you find yourself on the seas—perhaps in a regatta—while celebrating this holiday weekend, known as the unofficial start of summer, don’t forget to take an appropriate timepiece. There is a plethora from which to choose and here’s a smattering of water-worthy watches that will keep you on time. read more

Yachting Watches - Regatta Time

5 Yachting Watches – Regatta Time

British watch manufacturer Bremont made news last year as the new official timing partner of the America’s Cup, and several other watch brands sponsored teams. Aside from sponsorships, some brands have developed timepieces specifically suited for competitive sailing and other nautical activities, often with some version of the all-important regatta countdown function. Here we run down five yachting and regatta watches and reveal why they’re ideal companions out on the waves. read more

Show You Four Great Sailing Watches

Ever since John Harrison invented the marine chronometer the relationship between horology and boats has proved watertight. Currently, in the era of GPS, no one needs a timepiece to determine a vessel’s location on the ocean, but having a watch on the water still has its benefits.

Take the Rolex Yacht-Master II: Yachting is one of the few sports where a system of pennants and sounds notifies participants of the time remaining before a race starts, or “the countdown.” The Yacht-Master II has a chronograph movement that is able to measure the countdown—anywhere from 10 minutes to one minute—by changing the crown position, rotating the bezel and pushing the lower chronograph button. With its blue or gray bezel, white dial, a red-and-white countdown arrow and a countdown gauge outlined in blue, the Yacht-Master II is also one of Rolex’s best-looking timepieces. read more