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Rolex Watch With Diamonds For Man

2 Rolex Watch With Diamonds For Man

As a man, do you want to have Rolex watch with diamonds?Now I will satisfy your need .

1.Rolex Day-Date Ref. 118238

The Rolex Day-Date on President bracelet with diamond hour markets is, perhaps, a rather safe choice, but it is certainly a watch that does look good with diamonds, and those who notice won’t ask questions. This classic 36-mm timepiece only comes in gold or platinum, and the diamonds have been perfectly set. Whether you are a drug kingpin or an internet entrepreneur, this watch will fit your style. read more

Piaget Watch

Know More About Piaget Limelight Stella Watch

It can be said with certainly that we have long called for an increase in complicated watch options for women. In recent years, it seems the call is being answered, although at a glacial pace. The announcement of the Piaget Limelight Stella watch is another step in the right direction. When there is no shortage of unisex mechanicals, it’s great to see calibres designed exclusively for women. In the past, it was  assumed that sophisticated watches for women didn’t exist since a delicately proportioned watch simply didn’t have fully space in which to cram the same amount of complexity, and women weren’t as interested in watches. But that was the past. Why shouldn’t there be as much choice for female fans of haute horology as there is for men? read more

Hublot announces Chen Man as New Brand Ambassador

Chen Man As Hublot New Brand Ambassador

On June 5, Hublot welcomed a new ambassador from the world of art – Chen Man, the international visual artist. In her unique perspective, she fuses fashion and art, creating a series of extraordinarily visual art pieces. Chen Man is the first female Chinese ambassador of the brand, showing Hublot’s strategic vision for the high-end female market in China. As a world-renowned visual artist, Chen Man’s unique style has won her many awards in the international arena. She has worked with various front-line media, home and abroad, for covers, capturing light and shadow with her fine, subtle and sensitive instinct that is specially gifted to women, bestowing unprecedented charm and character to already well-known faces. read more

Tooled Up: Tudor North Flag

Swiss Watchmaker Tudor North Flag

Swiss watchmaker Tudor likes to surprise at BaselWorld, which it managed quite nicely in 2015 with the North Flag watch. This is perhaps paradoxically entirely consistent with what collectors are used to when it comes to anything out of the Rolex manufacture (Montres Tudor SA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the brand that wears the crown). Before examining the watch collection in question, here is why serious watch collectors (that means you) should care, in two quick points: read more