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Baselworld 2016: Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronoworks®

Unveiled at Baselworld 2016, the Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronoworks® is a 100-piece limited-edition chronograph housing the Manufacture Breitling Caliber 01, optimized in the Chronoworks® performance lab.

Tim Mosso reviews the watch hands-on in Basel.

The black ceramic case is fitted with a transparent back serving to admire this exclusive ‘engine’ with its black oscillating weight. The watch boasts a 100 hour power reserve. “Chronoworks® is a new initiative by Breitling to unveil in-house complications and materials innovations in a creative fashion inspired by aviation,” Mosso explained. read more

Rolex at Baselworld 2016

Rolex’s Superlative Chronometer certification, redefined by the brand last year, continues to make waves within its collection for 2016. The brand is quick to advise every automatic watch within its range undergoes a rigorous testing process above and beyond COSC certification (which is also required by Rolex). In fact, it takes place after the movements have been cased to ensure  any variation in accuracy caused by the casing process is accounted for. Following are a couple of new ladies models that I particularly enjoyed, and each is subjected to the aforementioned rigors. read more

First Impressions: Baselworld 2016

Mike Thompson

After a few days of perusing the halls of Baselworld 2016, a few early favorites have become evident.

I’m enjoying Seiko’s ongoing globalization, which places so much of what Seiko’s local Japanese market has long enjoyed into stores worldwide. With Grand Seiko now firmly embedded within the United States at a selection of retail stores and at the brand’s own New York City boutique, Seiko plans to add many more of its previously domestic-market mechanical timepieces in those same global locations worldwide. read more

Basel Buzz: The Rising Black Tide

We are just a few hours into Baselworld 2016, and already we’ve seen a few ripples of a trend that may become some sort of horological tide by the end of the week. I’m talking about a growing wave of black watches.

Though one particular previously black watch is now available in bronze (the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Watch, in case you missed our earlier announcement) we’re already seeing darker cases and dials in show windows and as part of debut collections at more than a few watch company appointments we’ve attended. read more

Finding Nemo: A Brief History of the Patek Philippe Nautilus

Origin stories, be they mythical, Biblical or horological, have a way of growing in stature as they get older until no one questions their authenticity anymore. Athena sprang, fully armed, from the forehead of Zeus, Eve from Adam’s rib, and the Patek Philippe Nautilus from a napkin sketch at the Basel Watch Fair. Whether apocryphal or not, the tale of the Nautilus’s birth is now part of the iconic watch’s rich lore, a history that, as of Baselworld 2016, spans forty years. read more

Looking Back: The Omega Globemaster‬‬‬

The Omega Globemaster references design cues from the Omegas of the 1950s and 1960s, but with updated credentials. New examples offer COSC certification as well as Omega’s own METAS certification, both attesting to the Globemaster’s exceedingly high technical marks. This refined dress watch slides right into the Omega Constellation collection and it feels as though it has always been there. The 2016 models, including a previewed annual calendar version, arrive in 41mm sizes, up from the 39mm models seen last year. read more

Basel Preview: Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Off-Centered Onyx

Taking a note from one of Pierre Jaquet-Droz’ greatest hits, the new Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Off-Centered Onyx parallel’s the brand’s 18th century mechanical excellence while propelling it into 2016 with modern technology and aesthetics.

The Grande Seconde Off-Centered Onyx also revisits one of the manufactures touchstone designs, the figure eight. Representing balance and perfection, the figure eight is illustrated with an offset seconds hand and interlocking rings. read more

Montegrappa Debuts Q1

While I saw a number of interesting new pens from the Bassano del Grappa-based pen brand, Montegrappa, at this year’s Baselworld, one really caught my eye: the Montegrappa Q1. It is brand new within the company’s Cult series and comprises a patented technology that I’ve not seen before. Two years of research are invested in it.

The limited edition (100 pieces) Montegrappa Q1 is not a dainty fountain pen. It’s a hefty piece that takes many of its design cues from a firearm, from its chamber-style cache of inks to the locking mechanism of the pen’s cap. According to company literature, it marries “ultra-tough and hard titanium for the pen’s barrel with titanium and fine Italian leather for the pen cap.” The internal parts of the pen are stainless steel, while the nib is 18-karat gold. What’s so revolutionary about it is its unique multiple ink cartridge (4) loading system that allows the user to change ink colors mid-sentence via this patented mechanism that rotates much like a bullet cylinder.

Since there are multiple ink cartridges presumably for various colors of ink but only one feeder, I was concerned about the residual ink. The feeder is the small, finned device that sits just under the nib, and its job is to hold quite a bit of ink at the ready to supply the nib as needed. Well Montegrappa thought of that, too, and includes a cartridge-shaped “syringe” specifically designed for cleaning the feeder with water before a different color cartridge is set in place. When trying the pen out, however, I skipped the cleaning step and found I enjoyed the slow-ish transition of one color of ink to the next as my writing flowed across the page. Blue turned to purple, then to a clear red.

To continue the firearm allusion, the pen’s cap locks onto the barrel with a slot-and-pin system, and the wood presentation box is reminiscent of an ammunition case. In addition to the pen and cleaning cartridge, the box holds a pair of gloves, a set of tissue, and three cartridges of eight different ink colors for a total of 24 cartridges. read more