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A straight up guide to the Apple Watch for women

A straight up guide to the smart Watch for women

Note that some cunning Apple watch at the app appears on their iPhone screen. Some people think advertising and fashionable and editorial elsewhere. Reading some tech blogs just did not convince smartwatch to integrate into their lives until now.

Others only saw Beyonce wearing a 18k gold version to see the hell of the web and thought, yes, I want one. read more

Best hybrid smartwatches

Best hybrid smartwatches 2017

What’s the difference between smartwatch and smart analog watches? They may sound like the same thing, but there is a way to distinguish between the two.

The hybrid smartwatch blurs the traditional watch design with modern fitness track and notification. You will not see a full screen display like a watch on Android or an Apple watch. You certainly do not need to deal with the battery life of a few days, that’s for sure. These wits add more caution and elegance to the way. read more

Apple Watch straps

Third party bands to pimp your watch for less

Whether you’ve got an original Apple Watch, the new Apple Watch Series 2 or sports-centric Apple Watch Nike+, your smartwatch is primed for a pimping. Aside from some great Apple Watch accessories, there’s nothing that changes a watch’s look quite like a new strap or band.

Of course, you may have your attention to one or two apples on Apple’s shoulder straps, but the price you may be delayed. Do not worry, there are a lot of third-party bands for sale. They look and are far cheaper than the official counterparts. read more

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Beats Rolex With Surprise

Today, I will take you on a absolutely superficial journey of opulence, pointing out one device, artifact, or service an upscale individual like yourself would take pleasure in experiencing. Let the journey begin.

Look. There are a few things that are just facts of life; death, taxes, Donald Trump saying something fucking insane, and Rolex being considered a top-tier luxury brand. However what was not expected in the least is that the Apple Watch — the device that you bought six months ago and is now sitting in your night stand — would be considered a bigger name in luxury watchmaking than the legendary watch brand that adorns the wrists of people with taste across the globe. read more

Looks As The Apple Watch : Rude Swiss Brand's Latest Timepiece

Looks As The Apple Watch : Rude Swiss Brand’s Latest Timepiece

So far everyone should be completely able to recognize when there’s shade being thrown. Similarly, everyone ought to know when the shade-throwing party crosses the line and starts being just plain rude.

That’s what’s going on at H. Moser & Cie, a Swiss watch brand that bills itself as the purveyor of the world’s rarest timepieces. This week, the company unveiled its latest model, called the Swiss Alp Watch. It’s an thoroughly mechanical watch that is beautifully made and finished by hand. Also, it exactly as the Apple Watch. read more