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Summertime Top Sell : Tissot Le Locle Regulateur

Let’s get to know the Tissot Le Locle Regulateur.

Tissot Le Locle Regulateur Family

The Tissot Le Locle Regulateur is a member of the popular Le Locle family of watches, named after Tissot’s home in the Swiss Jura Mountains and honoring the brand’s watchmaking heritage. The watch’s thoughtful design is a nod to the original “Regulateur”, a clock used in workshops in the eighteenth and nineteenth century as a reference to check the accuracy of pocket watches. This piece reflects that by placing the small counter, which indicates the seconds, at the bottom of the dial, while the hour counter is at the top. read more

Enjoy The Tissot NBA PRC 200

Each of the players drafted to the league’s teams were presented with one of Tissot’s NBA PRC 200 watches, which feature a quartz movement. This past week, the 2016 NBA Draft was held at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Tissot NBA PRC 200

Above is a picture that details how special each of the watches actually are. On hand at the event were specialized engravers to place the player’s name and their respective round and pick number. As the official timekeeper for the NBA, the watch has a NBA logo caseback on every watch. The design is sporty, but also looks elegant enough to be worn at work or out at night. read more

Tell You Five Favorite Lots from the Phillips May 14 START-STOP-RESET Steel Chronographs Auction

Now, I’ve got a real soft spot for vintage chronographs. My very modest collections includes things like a Heuer Daytona, a Chronographe Suisse, and a well-traveled Tissot Seastar, though things like an Omega Flightmaster and Heuer Silverstone have been on my wants list for longer than I can remember. Phillips has two monster watch auctions coming up in Geneva this Friday and Saturday — one being a general assortment of highly collectible timepieces, and the other (and most interesting) a brilliantly curated set of vintage chronographs specifically made of stainless steel. read more

Technology With T-Touch Solar & Tissot Smart-Touch Watch

Technology With T-Touch Solar & Tissot Smart-Touch Watch

At recent time, it has been long guessed and confirmed that the first major smartwatch from the Swatch Group would be released by group brand Tissot. A few weeks ago Swatch Group chairman Nick Hayek mentioned that a Tissot smartwatch would be released at Baselworld 2016 and currently here it is: the Tissot Smart-Touch. According to the outgoing Tissot T-Touch Solar, the Smart-Touch is an completely logical and modern evolution of the T-Touch family of technology-inspired Swiss timepieces that started life in the late 1990s. read more

Tissot PRS 516 Bi-Compax Chronograph Watch

Review – Tissot PRS 516 Bi-Compax Chronograph Watch

With the increasing popularity of more sporty, retro-inspired watches, probably Tissot felt the need to remind us that they’ve been doing it all along. When Tissot’s PRS 516 watches have always been retro- and racing-themed, the new Tissot PRS 516 chronograph watches for 2015 feel even more so, and yet fresh and more refined at the same time. This is the PRS 516 line upgraded in almost every way and we must say that the changes go a long way. Let’s take a look at some of the famed updates and new features, including its movement and that ceramic bezel. read more

On the Wrist: Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles

The Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles collection comes in a whole host of styles for both men and women, offering something for just about everyone—with even a squelette-style watch taking recent residence. What they all share is their distinctive round shape and a name that recalls the brand’s history.  “Chemin Des Tourelles” is the name of the street in Le Locle, Switzerland, where the Tissot manufacture was established in 1907—and where the company still resides today. read more