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Introducing Ralph Lauren RL67 Safari Chronometer with Camouflage Dial

These precision instruments contain movements manufactured within the Richemont Group, using only the finest materials. Both modern and timeless, Ralph Lauren watches are the ultimate expression of the Ralph Lauren lifestyle. Lauren notes, “I have waited a long time to create and introduce timepieces that I feel exemplify the ultimate in luxury and quality.” Discover more about Ralph Lauren here. read more

2016 Women’s Watches, Bracelets and a Downsized Automotive Watch Highlight Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren this past week expanded its timepiece offerings for women with RL888, its first round model made for ladies, while also adding a new bracelet version of an existing model, the Art Deco-inspired RL867 collection.

At the same time, many men will welcome a smaller-cased edition of one of Ralph Lauren’s hottest models, its wood-bezel RL Automotive watch, which now features a 39mm version in addition to the original 45mm size. read more

Luxury Houses For Great Timepieces

Show You Luxury Houses For Great Timepieces

It is the first new collection of watches for men and women in more than a decade from La Montre Hermès, the luxury house’s watchmaking division, and the first to appear from its creative director, Philippe Delhotal, who joined the company from Patek Philippe in 2009, and it is considered the culmination of a long-term strategy to set up Hermès as a credible maker of mechanical Swiss watches. read more

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Ralph Lauren’s 1938 Bugatti Sportscar Turns His Bugatti Into A Watch

“I’ve always loved design that is inspired by utility,” Mr. Lauren said by email. “That’s what has always been behind the cars I collect. Watches, like cars, are built on that same foundation of utility, but, worn on our wrists, they become the most personal of all accessories.”

What calls for special attention is that Ralph Lauren’s 1938 Bugatti sportscar has an almost cartoonish curvy design that inspired Mr. Lauren’s new skeleton watch, which he says embodies the car’s beauty inside and out. read more

Inside the Ralph Lauren Automotive Collection

Ralph Lauren’s enjoyment of beautiful machines has been evident for many years, well before he partnered with the Richemont Group to create an eponymous watch company. Mr. Lauren’s coveted collection of more than seventy classic automobiles, several of which he has displayed in well-attended exhibitions in Boston and Paris in recent years, offers further evidence of the New York-born designer’s appreciation of clean lines, rich upholstery, detailed dashboards and polished wood accents. Indeed, all these characteristics have imbued his watch designs since their debut at SIHH seven years ago. read more

Ralph Lauren’s Auto Collection Inspires Timepieces

When one thinks of Ralph Lauren, fashion immediately leaps to mind—as in clothing, accessories and yes, watches. Perhaps less known is that the award-winning designer is also a passionate car aficionado, with a collection of rare automobiles that number more than seventy. And while the autos surely effect pride and pleasure—Lauren’s cars have won “Best in Show” numerous times at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance—they also influence his fashion aesthetic. read more