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Vintage Patek Philippe Watches in 2016

Best watchs for men: Vintage Patek Philippe Watches in 2016

To commemorate the 175 anniversary of the founding of patek philippe, we provide the list in Fratello watch — not an overview of the most expensive Patek Philippe watches, nor the most sought-after Patek Philippe watches, or the rarest Patek Philippe watches. What are your own favorite vintage Pateks? Best watchs for men will be Vintage Patek Philippe Watches in 2016. read more

High Quality Patek Philippe Ref. 5159G

This model features a contemporary design with a hand-guilloched dial and a perpetual calendar with a retrograde date hand. Watch functions include day, month, leap year in apertures. The day and month are placed directly opposite each other, which adds to the entire symmetry of this Patek Philippe timepiece. Although there is a lot to see within the watch, the watchmaker still allows all of the functions to be easily deciphered. read more

Heritage Prepares Rolex, A. Lange Söhne, Patek Philippe Timepieces for Auction

Heritage Auctions estimates that this Rolex will sell for more than $100,000. By May 20 the watch had already been bid to $25,000 in the pre-live-auction period online at the auction house’s website: A rare 1966 Rolex Ref. 6239 “Paul Newman” Cosmograph Daytona wristwatch is the principle enticement to collectors from Heritage Auctions this Thursday, May 26, in its Watches & Fine Timepieces Signature Auction to be held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York. read more

Tell You Five Favorite Lots from the Phillips May 14 START-STOP-RESET Steel Chronographs Auction

Now, I’ve got a real soft spot for vintage chronographs. My very modest collections includes things like a Heuer Daytona, a Chronographe Suisse, and a well-traveled Tissot Seastar, though things like an Omega Flightmaster and Heuer Silverstone have been on my wants list for longer than I can remember. Phillips has two monster watch auctions coming up in Geneva this Friday and Saturday — one being a general assortment of highly collectible timepieces, and the other (and most interesting) a brilliantly curated set of vintage chronographs specifically made of stainless steel. read more

Conservative Or Personal Choice As First Nice Watch

Conservative Or Personal Choice As First Nice Watch?

“Is An In-House Movement In A Watch That Important?” and now, Ariel Adams and David Bredan spar over whether you should make a conservative choice or trust your instincts to get the watch you really want as your first nice watch.

Ariel Adams: When people ask me for advice about buying their first watch, while I am flattered, I feel torn in how to respond most of the time. I feel like I am telling people who to date or even marry. My inclination is to tell people to buy what they like for their first watch, but more importantly, to buy something unique and interesting as their first timepiece. People should stay away from popular, conservative models that are on many people’s wrists and don’t communicate too much about the individual wearer. Especially with someone’s first “nice watch,” they should opt for a timepiece that really says something about who they are. A watch they can look back on in the future and recall something about themselves – who they were, what they liked, and perhaps how far they’ve come. read more

How To Choose A Watch Strap

How To Choose A Watch Strap

Let’s face it, we are keen on watches. For many, watches consume an astounding amount of our time – and an astounding amount of our money. It’s why we visit this website and is evident in the fact that many of us own more than just one; and often, three or four examples from the same brand. It’s why our important others think we’re crazy, notwithstanding the ever-growing number of purses and shoes that line the closet shelves. No matter how many watches you have, we could all agree the right strap can finally define the look and feel of a watch, from an older vintage example to the fanciest, completely over-the-top modern timepiece. Just changing the original strap to something unique can give a watch a whole new effect and make all the difference in the world. read more

Classic Chronograph Movement

Top 5 Classic Chronograph Movements

A while back, I wrote an article on my top 5 iconic chronograph watches. Some of you readers wondered why Zenith wasn’t in there. Quite simply, it didn’t make my personal Top 5. But, I do love the Zenith El Primero movement, and think that its reputation as a great chronograph caliber is well-earned. Hence, to make it up for some of you fellow watch nerds out there, here I focus especially on chronograph movements rather than watches. read more

Things You Should Know At The Baselworld Watch Fair

7 Things You Should Know At The Baselworld Watch Fair

In the coming days, you’ll be reading quite a bit about Baselworld. What is Baselworld, exactly? Why is it so important? What happens there? Can I go? For the answers to these and more questions, read on.

1. What is Baselworld? Baselworld, sometimes called the Basel Fair, is the world’s largest watch-and-jewelry trade show. For 2016, the show runs March 17 to 24th, and as you might guess, it’s in Basel, Switzerland. read more

Share 2 Patek Philippe Watches With You

Share 2 Patek Philippe Watches With You

Enjoy the following 2 Patek Philippe watches.

1. Patek Philippe World Time Reference 2523

The world time watch of all world time watches, in my humble opinion, the Patek Philippe Reference 2523 is, admittedly, very rare, but also very beautiful, and that’s why it is 0n this list. There are two modern versions of the Patek Philippe World Time watch, References 5130 and 5131. read more

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Beats Rolex With Surprise

Today, I will take you on a absolutely superficial journey of opulence, pointing out one device, artifact, or service an upscale individual like yourself would take pleasure in experiencing. Let the journey begin.

Look. There are a few things that are just facts of life; death, taxes, Donald Trump saying something fucking insane, and Rolex being considered a top-tier luxury brand. However what was not expected in the least is that the Apple Watch — the device that you bought six months ago and is now sitting in your night stand — would be considered a bigger name in luxury watchmaking than the legendary watch brand that adorns the wrists of people with taste across the globe. read more