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Max Büsser and the Motivation Behind Melchior

MB&F celebrated its tenth anniversary this year in true MB&F fashion: with its friends.

As you’ve likely seen in earlier reports, Maximilian Büsser’s firm created a mechanical robot named Melchior, which it made with designer Xin Wang and Swiss clock manufacture L’Epée 1839.

Earlier this year we set out to discover the inspiration behind Melchior. I spoke with Büsser, MB&F’s founder and owner, and in the first minutes of the interview, I was captivated by Büsser’s descriptions of his idea for MB&F, which was to create a brand founded on ethics, creativity and genius engineering. read more

MBF Launches MusicMachine 3

All year MB&F is touting the tagline “A creative adult is a child who survived” to underpin its multiple tenth-anniversary releases. In fact just last month MB&F released the colorful race-car-influenced HMX with that sentiment engraved directly onto the watch’s 22-karat-gold rotor.

The child in Maximilian Büsser surfaces once again today as he and his like-minded friends at both MB&F and at Reuge release MusicMachine 3 (MM3), a contemporary music box that vividly recalls Imperial Fleet TIE fighters from “Star Wars.” read more