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Things You Should Know At The Baselworld Watch Fair

7 Things You Should Know At The Baselworld Watch Fair

In the coming days, you’ll be reading quite a bit about Baselworld. What is Baselworld, exactly? Why is it so important? What happens there? Can I go? For the answers to these and more questions, read on.

1. What is Baselworld? Baselworld, sometimes called the Basel Fair, is the world’s largest watch-and-jewelry trade show. For 2016, the show runs March 17 to 24th, and as you might guess, it’s in Basel, Switzerland. read more

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Gucci & Boucheron owner Get Into Trouble Because Of Shrinking Watch Sales

What calls for special attention is that sluggish sales of watches have left a blotch on luxury goods maker Kering’s copybook, with the owner of brands like Gucci and YSL revealing that watches were the only part of its portfolio that didn’t grow last year.

And that, the Paris-headquartered outfit said its watch brands were left to pay for soft demand and adverse currency effects in spite of its overall luxury goods business growing an impressive 16% to €7.8 billion (£6.1 billion) in 2015. read more

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Apple Watch Beats Rolex With Surprise

Today, I will take you on a absolutely superficial journey of opulence, pointing out one device, artifact, or service an upscale individual like yourself would take pleasure in experiencing. Let the journey begin.

Look. There are a few things that are just facts of life; death, taxes, Donald Trump saying something fucking insane, and Rolex being considered a top-tier luxury brand. However what was not expected in the least is that the Apple Watch — the device that you bought six months ago and is now sitting in your night stand — would be considered a bigger name in luxury watchmaking than the legendary watch brand that adorns the wrists of people with taste across the globe. read more

Luxury Houses For Great Timepieces

Show You Luxury Houses For Great Timepieces

It is the first new collection of watches for men and women in more than a decade from La Montre Hermès, the luxury house’s watchmaking division, and the first to appear from its creative director, Philippe Delhotal, who joined the company from Patek Philippe in 2009, and it is considered the culmination of a long-term strategy to set up Hermès as a credible maker of mechanical Swiss watches. read more

New Smartwatches Launched By Movado

Three New Smartwatches Are Launched By Movado

It can be said with certainly that the Swiss-made watches are called Movado Motion, and are powered by Fullpower’s MotionX-365 platform. There are two versions: the Museum Sport, for men, and the Bellina, for women. They provide several fitness-related functions including steps tracking, sleep monitoring, sleep-cycle alarms and alerts that it is time to get out of your chair and move around. The watches are compatible with iOS 8-or-later and Android 4.4.3-or-later cellphones and tablets. The watches’ battery life is two years. read more

Video Exclusive: Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry’s Stéphane Linder

Video Exclusive: Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry’s Stéphane Linder

iW Interview: Stéphane Linder, president and CEO of Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry

After twenty-one years at TAG Heuer, Stéphane Linder earlier this year was named the new president and CEO of Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry. Linder played a key role in TAG Heuer’s growth by introducing a wide range of products, and while at TAG Heuer he held a number of different roles, including vice president of marketing and design, vice president of sales for North America (from 2010 to 2013) followed by his most recent role as TAG Heuer’s president and CEO, from which he resigned in late 2014. read more