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In Fine Arts, A Charriol Makes A Name

In Fine Arts, A Charriol Makes A Name

Human Flow IV,” an art exhibit by Franco-American artist Alexander Charriol, opened to a full house at Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea. And the large-scale paintings showcased the young painter’s deep engagement with the human condition.

As I looked at his works, it was evident that Charriol’s works reflected his extensive travels and deep interaction with different cultures around the globe, palangga. read more

CHARRIOL St.-Tropez Style rose-gold watch

Talk About Charriol Versatile Watch Collection

More than thrilled.

That’s how Philippe Charriol feels that his son, Alexandre, is taking over active management duties in the eponymous jewelry and watch company he founded in 1983 now. That’s in the light of Alexandre himself.

A visual artist by profession, the 35-year-old Alexandre was named Charriol vice president in 2014, concurrent with his title as visual director. read more

Creative Charriol Versatile Watch Collection

Creative Charriol Versatile Watch Collection

Being an artist and used to working on his own, previously insulated from administrative opinions and decisions about his work, Charriol easily admitted to not enjoying the management aspect of his job as much as the creative.

“In the creative part, it’s usually free,” he said. “Once I introduce my idea to the team, that’s when they give their opinion and my creative juices get a little… So, no, I don’t enjoy it as much.” read more

Charriol Versatile Watch Collection

Charriol Versatile Watch Collection – Change In Mentality

Introducing such a concept involved “a change in mentality” within Charriol, the younger Charriol said. “I came up with the chains and the clips and the interchangeable fashion to make it relatable today. The challenge wasn’t in the technical process but in the internal process, on how we could teach our customers to see the brand in a new light.” read more

A Word from Coralie Charriol Paul

Currently serving as vice president and creative director of Charriol, the Swiss luxury brand founded by her father, Philippe Charriol, in 1983, Coralie Charriol Paul says she’s “technically” been in the family business for thirteen years, but adds, “I’ve really been in the business since I was born.” read more