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Bulgari Diagono Scuba

As one of the first ‘sporty chic’ watches that could be worn in deep water, the Bulgari Diagono Scuba has been a fixture among yachtsman and beachgoers across Europe since it debuted in 1994. Now powered by Bulgari’s own Solotempo movement, this newest version of the diver greets the summer in three new hues, each designed for fun as well as high visibility. You may recall that the Diagono scalloped bezel is meant to recall Roman columns while the nicely engineered lugs echo many seaborne latches and tactical tools. read more

Baselworld 2017: Up Close with the Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic

Bulgari’s ultra-thin timepiece trifecta garnered considerable attention at Baselworld 2017. Three years after debuting the thinnest tourbillon (the Octo Finissimo Tourbillon), and just a year after showing the world’s thinnest minute repeater (the Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater), Bulgari this year expanded its ultra-thin bona fides with a third title holder, the Octo Finissimo Automatic, now the thinnest watch available operating with an automatic movement. read more


Bulgari Papillon Tourbillon Central Watch review

I believe this is the first time in 2015, Bvlgari debut Magic Taupi Rotary institutions central Daniel Ross brand extension, they absorbed a few years ago. Now, the rest of the Daniel Ross brand DNA is the name of the “magic”, the unique case design, and the structure of movement within the exclusive Bvlgari watch department. In other words, even though all the Daniel Ross brands have disappeared, those familiar with the watch from the past 20 years will know the origin of this model and identify the DNA. For others, this is another interesting element of the dynamic Bulgari brand.
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An Italian Collector Preserves U.S. Automotive Heritage – Cars of Nicola Bulgari

Given the Bulgari brand’s deep roots in Italian culture, one would be inclined to imagine a platoon of vintage Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Alfa Romeos; however as the following gallery attests, nothing could be further from the truth.

When the opportunity arose to spend 24 hours hanging out with Bulgari’s top brass and receive an inside look at Nicola Bulgari’s personal car collection in – of all places – Allentown, Pennsylvania, I had a much different perspective of what to expect. read more

Bulgari Diagono Magnesium Chronograph Review

The watch now comes with a self-winding chronograph movement and has the aestethic of Italian sports cars with the materials in the case: magnesium, ceramic, Motorola and PEEK. The Diagono Magnesium Chronograph combines high-tech materials ensuring performance, power and agility.

Sketch of the Bulgari Diagono Magnesium Chronograph read more

Things You Should Know At The Baselworld Watch Fair

7 Things You Should Know At The Baselworld Watch Fair

In the coming days, you’ll be reading quite a bit about Baselworld. What is Baselworld, exactly? Why is it so important? What happens there? Can I go? For the answers to these and more questions, read on.

1. What is Baselworld? Baselworld, sometimes called the Basel Fair, is the world’s largest watch-and-jewelry trade show. For 2016, the show runs March 17 to 24th, and as you might guess, it’s in Basel, Switzerland. read more

Tell You How Bulgari Watch Cases Are Made In Saignelégier

Tell You How Bulgari Watch Cases Are Made In Saignelégier

When it comes to watches, there is such a large number and wide variety of components to think — but, the case really is one of very few components of a timepiece we actually touch, feel, and interact with. A lesser-known fact is that while watch movements do seem to take most of the credit speaking of complexity and precision in execution, high quality watch cases of today are manufactured with comparable, or even exactly the same tolerances as are movement components – we are talking about 3-5 microns of tolerance in execution. That is the kind of work Bulgari does at its in-house case manufacture in Saignelégier, Switzerland. read more

2016 Bulgari Octo Ultranero Watches In Four Versions

2016 Bulgari Octo Ultranero Watches In Four Versions

What calls for special attention is that Bulgari will soon release the first Ultranero versions of the Bulgari Octo watch starting with four new models that look quite good at first glance. I first noticed Bulgari’s use of the “Ultranero” title when covering the very original-looking Bulgari Tourbillon Saphir, and the term sounds quite cool for what Bulgari uses to describe their timepieces which have DLC black coatings. read more

Luxury Houses For Great Timepieces

Show You Luxury Houses For Great Timepieces

It is the first new collection of watches for men and women in more than a decade from La Montre Hermès, the luxury house’s watchmaking division, and the first to appear from its creative director, Philippe Delhotal, who joined the company from Patek Philippe in 2009, and it is considered the culmination of a long-term strategy to set up Hermès as a credible maker of mechanical Swiss watches. read more

New Smartwatches Launched By Movado

Three New Smartwatches Are Launched By Movado

It can be said with certainly that the Swiss-made watches are called Movado Motion, and are powered by Fullpower’s MotionX-365 platform. There are two versions: the Museum Sport, for men, and the Bellina, for women. They provide several fitness-related functions including steps tracking, sleep monitoring, sleep-cycle alarms and alerts that it is time to get out of your chair and move around. The watches are compatible with iOS 8-or-later and Android 4.4.3-or-later cellphones and tablets. The watches’ battery life is two years. read more