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Royal collection Watches : Arnold & Son HM Dragon & Fenghuang Review

Let’s get to know the Arnold & Son HM Dragon & Fenghuang .

On the dial, the two symbols are depicted with a technique reinterpreting the principles of the ancestral art of Chinese paper cutting, also named Jianzhi. Instead of paper the motif is created on mother-of-pearl by applying layers of lacquer with a miniature pad, executed with exquisite delicacy of touch and featuring fine details that evoke the depth and texture of the dragon and the fenghuang. read more


Top Travel Watches

Watch companies have long recognized the plight of frequent business travelers, whose daily lives necessitate juggling the prevailing time in numerous parts of the world. Notably, Louis Cottier, a Geneva-based watchmaker, invented a new principle for World Time watches in 1935 that was subsequently adopted by Patek Philippe and integrated into its pocket watches and wristwatches. read more


Atom Moore ‘Watch Portraits’ Opens in NYC

Photographer Atom Moore Explains ‘Watch Portraits’ as Exhibit Opens in NYC

Acclaimed photographer and watch enthusiast Atom Moore, who can be seen every Wednesday evening hunched over a Leica and a light box shooting watches at RedBar New York’s ‘honeycomb hideout,’ will display many of his finest timepiece photographs through the month of September at Sacred Gallery in New York. read more