Luxury watches for men From New York Auction In Winter

Although the feeling has now been going on for some time, the last leg of the auction season is imminent, after Geneva and Hong Kong we end up in New York. This week, we look at the New York Christie auction house provides, whether with the other two giants to see the capital.



This is one of the important Tudor Submariners to own. The Ref. 7924, dubbed the ‘Big Crown’, due to its large 8mm crown and similar to its big brother, the Rolex Submariner 6538. New to this model when released in 1958, was the increased depth rating, doubling that of its predecessor and also sporting a thicker case. The no crown guard look for a tool watch, with its simplicity and symmetry is a look that is admired by many collectors. I tend to agree that there is certainly a purity with Rolex/Tudor swiss sports watch models without crown guards, both in its design and primitive functionality.

This particular Ref. 7924, is fresh to the market and has a remarkable case, with strong bevels and a very thick case. This example is definitely not a safe queen though, with cracked lume on it minute hand and slight tarnishing on the dial. While there is noticeable wear to the watch, the thick case makes up for it and I do think that its rarity will play a role in the success of this Submariner.



If you think about rare Universal watches, perhaps a Tri Compax will come to mind, or a Nina/Evil Nina Compax, but for the true connoisseurs of Universal Genève out there, there is a grail in the form of this behemoth 46mm Compax.

Of course, even with today’s standard 46mm big but not incredible person wearing a watch size. What you need to remember is that while looking at the diameter is a good sign of the size, it will not tell you how to dress. Similar to the size of the Panerai will wear much smaller because it has a thick border and when you consider this UG, thin border and large dial, this may be equivalent to wearing a plate on your wrist.

The size is justified, as it was a very specialised model made for racing and the military but to have a watch made in that day at this size, where the norm was perhaps a dainty 35mm Calatrava, is absolute madness. This is a truly rare watch, with only a handful of examples in this case style known to exist. The dial does have some wear to it but when are you going to find another example?

OMEGA ED WHITE 105.003-65


This lot is perhaps one that caught my eye the most, in what has to be the one of the most unusual Speedmasters out there. This 105.003-65, dubbed by collectors as the ‘Ed White’, doesn’t need much explaining. One glance and you will know what I am on about.

It is well known that the Speedmaster oblique pad can age the blue / gray tone, but it is unusual to find those ages in a brown color. Of course a very strange phenomenon, I only see a few, has become so. But in this case it is so unique that it has become this color. Along the border color gradient run, complete the bottom border is completely no color, bare steel. You get almost a different shades of the border, many articles mentioned, reminiscent of “SARS” GMT-Master.

What is even more intriguing about this is that similarly, the dial has gone tropical, but working in reverse. Where the bezel starts brown at the top and silver at the bottom, the dial starts brown at the bottom and graduates upwards to a darker tone. On one hand, what you get is an uneven colouration of a dial and bezel, but when put together, it strangely results in a pleasing asymmetrical two tone that I think works very well. I’d really be interested to know what kind of chemical reaction and scenario took place for something like this to happen as I doubt you will find another like this!

Of course, it goes without saying that the movement in this example is incorrectly correct (point over ninety) of the border and the phone, with a spear-time hand. The situation seems intact in the links of the flat bracelet.



Vintage Blancpain dive watches have over the years become increasingly popular, partly due to its overall good looks and its association with the military. With its characteristic thick bezel and utilitarian layout, it’s easy to see the appeal.

This example is a civilian Blancpain Aqua Lung, marketed in the US during the late 50s. It looks similar to perhaps the more popular Fifty Fathoms, except with a larger depth rating at 1000 feet. The watch on inspection looks remarkable. Why? Because it is in New Old Stock condition. That’s right, you heard me, it’s never been used before. The lot essay reports upon magnification, no scratches can be found where the springbars are, implying that they have never been removed before. In an age where the term New Old Stock gets frivolously thrown around, with a few forum sales beginning to use ‘LNOS’ (Like New Old Stock), this is what it truly means to have a watch that is NOS. Don’t be surprised if this flies, especially in a time where collectors are increasingly becoming aware of the value of condition.



The Rolex Dato-Compax is a firm favourite of ours here and things always become a little more interesting when it’s a variation we’ve never laid eyes on before. The 6036 is the only Rolex Oyster model ever made to have featured a full calendar and chronograph, making the nicknamed “Dato-Compax” aka “Killy” (named after Olympic Skiing champion, who just so happened to wear such a piece) a simply rare and unusual Rolex. In production for approximately 20 years, from the mid-1940s to the mid-1960s, during its lifespan only four references were made: the 4767, 5036, 6036 and 6236.
This 6036 has been commissioned by the progeny of the original owner, in addition, it features the design features that I have never seen before. This 6036 function is small seconds and hours registers, similar to the previous one in 6234. But with the tach-o-meter and calendar, it also sports an internal central telemetry tracking to fit the print engraved one day, the moon stop. Think of this 6036 as being unique, made by Rolex-Leonard Shapiro, a famed New York jeweler specializing in making gold and platinum jewelery. This 6036 is a very interesting finding, and there may be collectors who reach their oars.

In short, there is a strong antique show to meet the growing antique market in New York and the United States. There are many other works, although I did not stress that I find it very interesting to include the Spearman family of men generally Geneva-Compax and a ωRailmaster / Flightmaster for the Peruvian Air Force, among others. I have no doubt that, like retro skirts in Geneva and Hong Kong, they will meet expectations.

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