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Jacob & Co. Constellation Tourbillonnante Watch 0

Jacob & Co. Constellation Tourbillonnante Watch

The Astronomia Tourbillon Black Gold Jacob & Co., representation of the cosmos to the dimensions of the wrist, impresses at first sight. Pushing the boundaries of technology with three-dimensional gauge JCAM10, this timepiece offers fascinating tours unechorégraphie multiple axis. First, a complete rotation of the central axis and the four arms of the module performs EN20 minutes. The vortex adds to its horizontal turn 60 seconds 5 minutes a rotation around the vertical axis. Conversely, the dial hours and minutes luimême turns on and so always keep a good focus, ensuring clear viewing hours on the watch wearer. Swivel to the end of their arms, magnesium lacquered Earth faces the Moon spherical diamond facets 288, reflects every ray of light in a multitude of directions, illuminating the night sky during the rotation of around 60 seconds an independent axis. In the end, the show is never the same, it evolves constantly, all seeming to float freely in space above a background Aventurine. read more


Only Watch 2015 Preview

On Nov. 7, an extraordinary collection of one-of-a-kind watches will be up for auction in Geneva and ready for the highest bidder. It is an incredible opportunity to bid on forty-three unique watches in which the proceeds will benefit the Monaco Association Against Muscular Dystrophy to help fund research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a rare genetic neuromuscular disease affecting one birth in 3,500. read more