Bulgari Diagono Magnesium Chronograph Review

The watch now comes with a self-winding chronograph movement and has the aestethic of Italian sports cars with the materials in the case: magnesium, ceramic, Motorola and PEEK. The Diagono Magnesium Chronograph combines high-tech materials ensuring performance, power and agility.

Sketch of the Bulgari Diagono Magnesium Chronograph

Using cutting edge materials like PEEK, which is an ultra-sturdy and light polymer used in aviation design and even medical implants is proof that Bulgari is an innovator in the horological world. Within medical implants and devices, PEEK mimics the modulus elasticity of bone, allowing the material to move with the body, a perfect choice for a watch that’s worn on the wrist for long periods of time. Although the material is light, it provides extreme wear resistance and is impervious to scratching. The watch is powered by the Caliber B130. Functions include hours, minutes, chronograph and a date display.

The watch is priced at $4,950.

Bulgari Diagono Magnesium Chronograph

Company founder Sotirio Bulgari is a descendant of an ancient family of Greek silversmiths, and during the late 19th century he moved to Italy. In 1884 he opened his first shop in Via Sistina, Rome, and in 1905, with the help of his sons Costantino and Giorgio, he inaugurated the shop in Via Condotti, which today remains Bulgari’s flagship store.

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